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Picture of OBDC Building

Come Home, Stay Home

Creation of the Hub

Updated: Feb 9

As the collaboration between the SBU Innovation Center, JCC and OBDC continued to strengthen, the concept of a co-working space for students and area entrepreneurs was spawned. In line with creating a co-working space, the back end of the 4th floor of the building re-designed and repurposed. Decades of literal junk was hauled out of the space (4 dump truckloads). While the drywall was being torn down, the original brick wall from 1895 was discovered, and the original hardwood floors were uncovered, resulting in a more modern, industrial look and feel for the space that was named “The Hub”. The Hub now represents the center of the Olean Region’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, with programs hosted to help broaden the skill sets of area startups as they continue on their entrepreneurial journey. (add link to


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